Cheer Challenge


The Cheer Challenge is an opportunity for groups to set up a themed “Cheer Zone” and have a chance to win prize money based on our runner survey.  This year, the Cheer Challenge has been opened up to any group willing to put together 15 people, a theme and to cheer on the runners to the finish line. At the end of the event we will award additional monies to the top groups, selected by runners in a post event survey.

CONTACT: For more information please email –


  • Cheer Challenge Application – Click HERE


1st Place – $500
2nd & 3rd Place
– $300 (2 groups)
4th – 6th Place
– $200 (3 groups)
7th- 10th Place
– $150 (4 groups)
11th – 15th
– $100 (5 groups)

Who is eligible?

Anyone is eligible to participate.  In order to qualify for participation monies and prize monies you must be registered in advance, by completing a Cheer Challenge Application and Waiver.  Also your group must have a minimum of fifteen (15) people participating.

What will my group receive?

  • Marathon Cheer Message Cards can be picked up at The Woodlands Marathon Expo Inspiration Station.
  • Mention of your group’s participation on The Woodlands Marathon website
  • Mention of your group’s participation of Cheer Challenge in the Printed Athlete/Spectator Guide

Currently Selected Themes:

(Note – the same theme may not be used twice)

Suggested Themes:

  • Super Heroes, wear cute costumes
  • 70’s dico, wear fun 70’s clothes and play 70’s music
  • Hawaii Luau, “Aloha”, have fun beach stuff
  • St. Patrick’s – be the good luck group, four leaf clovers
  • A fiesta
  • Sports
  • Casino, Texas Hold’em
  • Spring Fever
  • Military